Employee Information Kiosk

Multi-lingual web-application running on a touch-screen kiosk, installed across multiple establishments of an organization.

Web Development is generally all about software. This project gave me a taste of specialized hardware as well. Also my first shot at multilingual web-development.

FOR: CESC Limited, Kolkata, India (Full-time employment)

WHEN: Dec ’15 – Jun ’16


The employees of CESC Limited are spread across the company’s 567 sq. km licensed area, and many of them are constantly on the move to serve more than 3 million consumers. Keeping the employees informed at the quickest possible time is of special importance, considering that 10,000 employees are located at different places at different times (both day and night), it is a challenging task. The Employee Information Kiosk, with its digitised platform, has provision for two-way interaction, so that employees can stay abreast of important Company decisions, plans and programmes, as well as share their own views and opinions with the senior management.


Salient Features

  • Specially optimized for viewing and interacting on large, full HD touchscreen.
  • In built multilingual support. Can switch to another language very easily.
  • Administration section is intuitive and user friendly.
  • Contains a drag-and-drop page builder to easily design viewable content.

Technical Wrap-up

  • Database – Oracle 10g. Server side language – Java (JSP-Servlets).
  • Indic Unicode characters stored in database using NVARCHAR2 type fields.
  • Kiosk hardware features Dell S2240T 21.5″ full HD touchscreen monitor and industrial grade metallic keyboard with trackpad.


The web application runs on company’s intranet and is not publicly viewable.


Technologies Used:

Kiosks and their Locations

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