Listed below are some of the major web design and full-stack web development projects I have worked on. Many of the projects are in C# and Java. I am also well-conversant with the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and had my fair share of playing with WordPress and Joomla. The websites developed for CESC Limited (my previous employer) experience a large amount of traffic on a daily basis.

I enjoy creating intuitive and elegant web applications meant for carrying out complex operations.

Employee Information Kiosk

Multi-lingual web-application running on a touch-screen kiosk, installed across multiple establishments of an organization.

Abin Design Studio

Business website for an architect and interior design firm, built with latest web technologies and featuring an intuitive content management system.

Bill Delivery Monitoring System

Award winning web-application project to monitor the timely printing and delivery of electricity bills to consumers.