Renovating the website of the global alumni network of my undergraduate alma mater.

FOR:  Voluntary service for GAABESU

WHEN: April 2016 – August 2017


GAABESU is the Global Alumni Association of Bengal Engineering and Science University (the erstwhile name of the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur), my undergraduate alma-mater. After the fifth executive committee was elected, I was requested by the then Honorary Secretary to create a modern website for GAABESU, which could serve dual purpose of membership portal, and electronic office.


Salient Features

  • Alumni network website with membership portal and members-only content.
  • Automatic generation of custom-format membership number.
  • Searchable member directory and profiles (with privacy settings).
  • Integration of (Indian) payment gateway.
  • News, notices and announcements creation, and auto-publish to social media.
  • Document management.
  • Donation portal and emergency-fund drive management.
  • Group emailing to members.
  • Scholarship and Fellowship Awards management.
  • Election system
  • Event management with ticketing system.
  • Automatic backups to cloud storage.

Technical Wrap-up

  • WordPress framework on Linux and MySQL Database.
  • eCommerce support with WooCommerce plugin.
  • CCAvenue payment gateway integration.
  • Extensive custom coding and tweaking in PHP (WordPress hooks, actions, filters), CSS and jQuery.
  • Free SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
  • CDN, Web Optimization, Load Balancing, and DDoS protection using Cloudflare.


Technologies Used: