Tata Research Canteen

Competition entry for designing a college cafeteria website. Special mention for best-design.

INSTRUO – the annual technical fest of my alma mater (IIEST Shibpur) – came back with its web development competition WebD again in 2015. The problem statement was more challenging than last year. The competition was restricted to undergraduate students only, and I was now an alumnus. Still, the web developer in me could not hold back. Though the organizers could not award me a position due to the policies, they did mention that my entry had the best design.

FOR: Competition Entry for WebD event, organized under INSTRUO 2016, at IIEST Shibpur, India.

WHEN: 5th – 19th March, 2016

Problem Statement

“The Tata Research Canteen at IIEST Shibpur has decided to experiment on providing an electronic reception system where one can submit their order and collect it after some time from the counter.”



  • Create the following pages:
    • login page (giving access to specified users),
    • an index page to show food menu (taken from a JSON file provided with the problem) and select items
    • a “your order” section to review and confirm the order.
  • Maximum order quantity is 10 for any food item.
  • User should be able to edit and review order before confirmation.
  • Once order is placed, order number should be displayed.
  • No server-side code is required anywhere.

Technical Wrap-up

  • Login data taken from users.json file containing userid, username and MD5 hashed passwords, as part of problem statement.
  • Food menu taken from menu.json file.
  • HTML Session storage is used to store order details.
  • jQuery filtering is used to search and filter food items.


Technologies Used:

Best Design - Special Mention

Screenshot of the original Facebook post.